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Flat GM Richard “Huk” began its training of Kenpo in Ash, California at the end of the Sixties under the education of Steve Labounty and Tom Kelly. One moved to Texas to help Tom Kelly to open a school in the Passage in 1969 and later one moved to Pasadena, California to go to work with Ed Parker being brown belt.

It received his black belt and all later degrees, directly of Ed Parker until the seventh degree of black belt; the degree highest honorary nonpolitician nor granted by Parker in 1985. One became the director of the school of Pasadena during several years, as well as Vice-president Ejecutivo of the International Kenpo Association Karate during last the ten years that Ed Parker lived. Throughout this time, Mr. Planas developed to the original manuals of the system along with his teacher and Tom Kelly.
The teacher Flat usually attracts a multitude from kenpoístas to his seminaries throughout the United States, including; Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticutt, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington and others. Its lineage also is expanded at international level, which has taken to the teacher Planas to give seminaries in Argentina, Canada, Islands Cayman, Chile, England, Denmark, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Channel Islands, Patagonia, Spain and Sweden.

Known as the Instructor the instructors, the teacher Flat, not only it teaches to the “cómos” but also “by qués” of the system based on the rules and the principles of movement.Share on FacebookTo share it is to live!Tweet about this on Twitter0Share on Google+0
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