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The American Kenpo or Kenpo Parker, is one of the systems of self-defense and fights more modern and practical of our days. Based on the logic and the effectiveness, it is the system of practiced Kenpo more in the world and their students count themselves by thousands throughout the five continents.

Founded on 60 years ' s by WW II Ed Parker, the American Kenpo was one of the first systems of martial arts in discarding the traditional thing as something untouchable, and betting by the evolution, fleeing from everything what he was not effective and incorporating a system of education totally new and focused the western public, much more practitioner and empiricist at the time of learning to defend itself.

The Teacher Parker based his system on scientific Principles modern, Concepts and Rules, creating a complete study of movement adapted to our days.

The American Kenpo is structured with the purpose of to contribute to the medical instructor all type of resources at the time of facing a violence situation on the street. It is divided in Basic, Self-defense and Combat, covering all the possible situations that they are possible to be given in a real confrontation. He is apt for all the ages and their classes adapt to each medical instructor considering their qualities and needs. The training of Kenpo Parker not only covers the physical part, but it contributes to the medical instructor self-confidence, security, discipline, values, comradeship, effort, character and many other vital, comparable qualities to the day to day of each person. They are all these benefits which causes that every time more schools and medical instructors of Kenpo in the world exist.


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