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Professor Carlos Jódar began his learning of the martial arts from very small. The 7 years he began practicing Judo, continuing in later years with diverse Japanese martial systems, until at the beginning of 1992 he discovered the American Kenpo de Ed Parker.

Retirement of Madrid register in the school which was the responsibility of the instructors José Antonio Luelmo and Jorge Jiménez, both black belts 2º degree and students of Luis González (representing of Ed Parker in Spain).

During the first years he was federal in the National Department of Kenpo where it obtained the Black Belt to 1er. 1997 black belt and degree in 2º Degree in 1999. During those years it gained several championships of Spain organized by the DNK in Forms, Self-defense and Combat. in addition to other many national matches of different associations from Kenpo.

In 1999, after different conversations, and with the untiring intention to learn the complete system of the Teacher Parker, it was integrated along with his school in the international association of the Teacher Larry Tatum, where it exerted as national director of competition during 6 years. Under the Teacher Tatum it returned to be examined of 1er. and 2º degree, and later than 3er. Degree in 2004 directly by him.

During those years, Professor Carlos Jódar has been without a doubt an untiring competitor obtaining important triumphs in international and world-wide competitions, which grants one to him of the best sport curricula of Kenpo in all the modalities, becoming in addition along with its brother Sergio the only competitors who have been able to win world-wide of Kenpo by 5 of the main organizations who exist:

– IKC (International Karate Championship) Ed Parker System – Spain 1995, Spain 2002 and Holland 2012

– LTKKA (Larry Tatum Kenpo Karate Association) – Ireland 2005

– UKKS (United Kenpo Karate Studios) & AKTS (American Kenpo Training Systems) – Spain 2009

– FIK (Federation the International of Kenpo) – Venezuela 2008

– IKF (International Kenpo Federation) – Turkey 2012

In addition to the competition, Professor Carlos Jódar has concentrated in the education of the American Kenpo since abró his first school in Madrid in 1997. Since then until today, professor Jódar has taught to hundreds of students and has formed more than 20 black belts directly in the Jódar Kenpo Academy.

In his eagerness to continue learning the possible maximum of Kenpo Parker, he has traveled constantly to receive classes and seminaries of the main exponents of American Kenpo in the world. In 2005, he really participated in first seminaraio of the Teacher Richard “Huk” Flat in Spain, being impressed by his deep knowledge and explanations of all the porqués of the system. He is then when he decides to change of organization and he incorporated to Flat Parker/Lineage following the lessons of the Great Teacher Planas and Professor Johansson during the first years, remaining more ahead with the Great Teacher Planas as his only instructor. On 2005 he founds the UKKS since the Teacher Planas does not count on an international association, and he puts it at the disposal of all those schools that wish to learn with them.

In these last 10 years degree in 2009 has studied of incensante way under the lineage of the Teacher Planas obtaining in C.N 4º, being examined before a court trained by the Great Teacher Planas, the Teacher Graham Lelliot and Professor Johansson and the C.N 5º Degree in 2014, granted directly by its instructor the Great Teacher Planas, becoming thus one of the referring majors of Flat Parker/Lineage in Europe.

As well, it has written numerous articles of collaborating Kenpo being habitual of the main magazines of the sector as they are the Budoka and Black Cinturón. It has also recorded 3 DVDS of American Kenpo next to his Teacher, Huk Flat for Budo International.

In 2008 it is chosen by voting as National Director of the national Department of Kenpo, main organism of national Kenpo with recognition of the Council Superior of Sports. Position that returned to revalidate in 2012 and that exerts to day of today.



At the moment professor Carlos Jódar is C.N. 5º Degree in American Kenpo, president of UKKS, director of DNK and representative of Flat Parker/Lineage. It gives classes in Madrid in the Jódar Kenpo Academy and distributes national and international seminaries of continued form, in addition to supporting to the different schools from UKKS.Share on FacebookTo share it is to live!Tweet about this on Twitter0Share on Google+0
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